Erblin Shehu

Research Assistant

Erblin Shehu, M.S.  (Ph.D. Candidate) is a research assistant at the Institute for Public Health Practice, Research, and Policy at the College of Public Health, University of Iowa.

He is primarily involved in conducting quantitative and qualitative data analysis, leading and facilitating health equity training as well as working in Public Health workforce development initiatives across Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. His teaching experience includes several courses in U.S. and Global Health Policy.

His research interests are diverse, encompassing health policy, social determinants of health, care coordination, geriatrics, healthcare performance indicators, and more. With a commitment to advancing public health knowledge and practice, Erblin has contributed to multiple research papers and presented at several conferences. He has been awarded the 2024 Bonnie J. and Douglas S. Wakefield Award for excellence or promise of excellence in health services and policy research.

Prior to his current position, Erblin served as the Head of Statistics at the Central Directorate of the Health Operator at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Albania, where he played a crucial role in the country’s healthcare data management and analysis.