Program Implementation

Do you have a program in mind for your community — perhaps a national initiative that you want to implement locally, but don’t have anyone to make it happen? We can help.

Children playing on a play ground.


INVEST Health is an initiative that brings together diverse leaders from mid-sized U.S. cities across the nation to develop new strategies for increasing and leveraging private and public investments to accelerate improvements in neighborhoods facing the biggest barriers to better health. 

Students participate in the 2019 Healthy LifeStars Step-a-Thon.

Healthy LifeStars

Healthy LifeStars is a national non-profit organization dedicated to ending childhood obesity through education, awareness and changed habits to influence future generations of healthy children.

corn or maize in cornfield farm on mountain and blue sky background

Rural Cancer Collaboratory

The Iowa Rural Cancer Collaboratory works to better understand the challenges and needs of health care professions providing cancer-related care to rural populations as well as extend resources and best practices to rural health providers in Iowa.

Iowa Immunization Research Network

The Iowa Immunization Research Network serves as a mechanism for supporting immunization related research by creating relationships between a diverse group of researchers and community partners.