About the Iowa Immunization Research Network

Natoshia Askelson, collaboratory director

Portrait of Natoshia Askelson, professor in the Department of Community and Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

The Iowa Immunization Research Network, headed by Asst. Prof. of Community and Behavioral Health Natoshia Askelson, is established to serve as a mechanism for supporting immunization related research by creating relationships between a diverse group of researchers and community partners. Iowa Immunizes, Iowa’s state-wide coalition supporting immunization, will leverage their relationships and experience to aid in the development of connections between researchers and community partners.

Team members

Collaboratory Aims

The network will be the foundation for an aspirational goal to establish a center for immunization research at the University of Iowa. Less tangible outcomes will include new and stronger existing partnerships between researchers and community partners, which will facilitate translational science. The below outlined aims will be accomplished through a participatory, inclusive process that will benefit both researchers and community partners in Iowa.

Aim 1

To build a state-wide network of researchers, clinicians, pharmacists, dental professionals, and public health professionals to develop a research agenda to increase vaccination uptake.

Aim 2

To increase access to evidence-informed vaccination promoting strategies for all clinicians, pharmacists, dental professionals, and public health professionals.

Aim 3

To use data (immunization registry data, BRFSS data, Wellmark claims data, Medicaid claims data, electronic health records…) to inform future research and interventions.