Policy Fellow Nichole Nidey

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

  • nichole-nidey@uiowa.edu
  • S431 CPHB

Dr. Nichole Nidey’s long-term research goal is to improve outcomes for pregnant and postpartum persons with substance use disorders. Her policy fellowship seeks to gain an in-depth understanding of the experiences of pregnant Iowans with methamphetamine use, and those that care for them, to inform the development of a patient-centered policy brief and key recommendations aimed at improving their access to healthcare and outcomes.

Research on substance use around the timing of pregnancy and postpartum often does not include the voice of individuals with lived experience. After completing her PhD in Epidemiology, Dr. Nidey often wondered if we are asking the right questions in the best way possible, and interpreting data appropriately as it relates to substance use and pregnancy. She has built expertise in patient and community centered research, advocacy, and convening stakeholders to support this population. Dr. Nidey recognizes that maternal substance use is a complex public health problem and that understanding the experiences of pregnant persons with methamphetamine use in Iowa is critical to developing public health policies and interventions aimed at prevention and improving outcomes.

Dr. Nidey’s policy fellow includes convening a multidisciplinary stakeholder group virtually and in person during the project year. Stakeholders include individuals with lived experience of methamphetamine use during pregnancy, healthcare providers who care for pregnant Iowans with methamphetamine use, state and local agencies, community organizations, policy makers, and researchers. Additionally, her team is conducting an environmental scan to gain in-depth knowledge of the experience of methamphetamine use during pregnancy and caring for this population in the state of Iowa. Ultimately, a policy brief will be co-written with stakeholders to disseminate the findings from the environmental scan along with key recommendations, with the goal of motivating additional work in the state to support this population.

Upcoming Workshop: Examining Barriers and Opportunities to Improve Health Outcomes for Pregnant & Postpartum Iowans with Methamphetamine Use Collaborative

Wednesday, September 18, 2024