About the Case Competition

The IIPHRP Global Public Health Case Competition offers an innovative student learning experience that trains future public health leaders. This competition brings together students from multiple disciplines in a format uncommon at most universities and colleges. The competition structure is similar to that of a business school case competition where student teams formulate recommendations for business-oriented problems. Through the IIPHRP Global Public Health Case Competition, students creatively address critical global health challenges in a competitive and collaborative environment that simulates future workplace settings by requiring a multidisciplinary team composition.

Students may register as a team, or as an individual to be placed on a team.  The case topic will be released to the teams several weeks prior to the competition. Teams will use this time to develop innovative yet feasible solutions. During the weeks prior to the competition, each team will be assigned a mentor who provides the team with an opportunity to discuss their proposed recommendation and offer broad guidance. Contact with the mentor is limited to 3 one-hour meetings.

Competition day is filled with excitement as teams present their recommendations to a panel of expert judges. Teams will have 15 minutes to present, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A by judges. Teams must justify recommendations to judges following their presentations. The students should be prepared to think on their feet and answer questions on the spot. Following the presentations, judges will convene to decide on a winner. Winners will be announced later that week following the Distinguished Faculty Lecture.

The IIPHRP Global Public Health Case Competition gratefully acknowledges the planning materials and guidance provided by Emory University, Global Health Institute.