Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Training

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The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) in collaboration with the Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy (IIPHRP) have developed a module-based online training session about the nuts & bolts (the basics) of lead. This is a general overview of childhood lead poisoning prevention in Iowa, this training does not constitute a professional license or any other specific qualification. This training consists of 5 modules with one new module published each month. Each module covers a different topic and will be approximately 10 minutes in length. Module topics include sources & impact of lead; lead & housing; blood lead testing; intervention services; and lead professional certification. This training was developed for all types of professionals (public health, child health services, educators), healthcare providers, housing industry (landlords, realtors, homeowners), public officials, and parents.

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If you need assistance or have questions about this training, please email the Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy at or call 319-384-1243.

Past Training Opportunities

Virtual Learning Collaborative on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

The Learning Collaborative on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention took place virtually on August 5th, 2020.  The purpose of this learning collaborative was to highlight programs and services throughout Iowa that have been successful in implementing strategies for preventing childhood lead poisoning. Our goal was to bring together all partners that are working toward eliminating lead poisoning in Iowa. Presenters will shared their best practices, provided ideas for overcoming challenges, and building local coalitions working to prevent and address lead poisoning. Speakers included individuals from multiple sectors such as parents, public health, clinical and medical practices, child health services, and housing professionals. You can find out more about the presenters here.

Resources from the Learning Collaborative: 

Watch the entire learning collaborative.

Check out the slides from the day.

Summer Regional Training on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

The Summer Regional Training on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention was delivered across the state of Iowa in July of 2019. The Training was built to bring sectors together to work towards 

Iowa Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Summer Regional Trainings Evaluation

the ultimate goal of increasing testing rates and preventing children in Iowa from being exposed to lead. This training was designed to provide knowledge and skill development on topics including understanding data basics and how to use data to communicate, sources of lead exposure, how to access and use new and updated tools, and how to build a network to have a collective impact. The trainings were delivered and the IIPHRP conducted an evaluation of the trainings including pre and post assessment. The goal throughout the day was to provide an understanding of what data is out there and how to communicate it, resources that can be used alongside data for outreach, and how to best collaborate to reach the target audience and improve the health of children in Iowa.
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If you would like to receive updates on future training opportunities, please email the Iowa Institute of Public Health Research and Policy at or call 319-384-1243.