Statistical Analysis Services

We provide a variety of data management and statistical analysis services, from simple data preparation support to full-time project statisticians.

We can help you find and perform the appropriate statistical procedures for your data, including:

  • Data Management and Compilation
    • Development of efficient data management strategies
    • Assistance with development of data forms or questionnaires
    • Entry of data and design of forms
  • Power Calculations
    • Study design
    • Sample size and power calculations
    • Simulation studies
    • Effect size calculations
  • Reporting and Graphical Summarization
    • Data visualization
    • Writing of reports for scientific publication
  • Statistical Analysis (selection and performance of analyses most appropriate for collected data)
    • General statistics including ANOVA and regression
    • Longitudinal data analysis of repeated measures
    • Linear and non-linear mixed models
    • Hierarchical linear mixed models
    • Survival analysis
    • Sample survey analysis
    • Spatial statistics
    • Bayesian methods of analysis
  • Software Development/Assistance
    • With tools including: R, SAS, SPSS, Win BUGS, SQL
  • Public Health Program Evaluation

To formally request our services, please submit a Support Request through University Workflow. If you do not have a HawkID please contact us using regular email at


Initial 1-hour consultation is free to all.

Statistical consulting work by biostatistics graduate student staff under faculty supervision

ClientCost Per Hour
College of Public Health students (up to 5 hours)Free
All other University of Iowa students$40
Other University of Iowa members$70
External to University$120

Statistical consulting work by faculty

ServiceCost Per Hour
Faculty Services$120

Long-term student consulting services

Hours Per WeekCost Per Month

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