Mental Health + Wellness Series

Mental illness impacts 20 percent of adults every year, and employers play an important role in creating healthy environments at work.

Listen as Brianna Sink, Make It OK Coordinator with the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative, discusses mental health in the workplace.

Learn what employers can do now to end the stigma and support the overall well-being and mental health of their employees.

Professional Self Care Series

Speaker: Vanessa Lohf, LBSW | Public Health Project Specialist at the Community Engagement Institute, Wichita State University

Recording, slides, transcripts and handouts for each webinar:

Download the flyer to learn more: Professional Self-Care Series 2022 Flyer

Critical Incident Desensitization Protocol Workshop

Speaker: Sheila Russell, LISW, CADC | EMDR therapist, Front Line Therapy LLC

In recent years, public health practitioners have been inundated with a high frequency of exposure to traumatic and adverse experiences. Grounding, stabilization, and desensitization tools can be particularly beneficial to assist colleagues and/or patients cope with and overcome stressful or traumatic experiences or events. Studies have shown that immediate desensitization of traumatic experiences reduces the possibility of the development of PTSD.

In this 4 hour training, participants will learn a set of crisis intervention protocols that immediately reduces some of the impacts of a traumatic or overwhelming event. CIDP was developed to assist non-mental health care professionals in times of high stress. While CIDP uses eye movements and other therapy concepts, it is not considered psychotherapy.

1. Identify the neurological foundations of trauma
2. Describe the CIDP treatment intervention protocols
3. Demonstrate the use of CIDP in public health practice

View the video below to learn more about Critical Incident Desensitization Protocol.