CPH Strike Force

The University of Iowa Public Health Strike Force is to provide support to health organizations and non-profit organizations by deploying public health students to assist with diverse public health related projects. 

Using surge capacity, service learning and Just-in-Time models, students will be deployed for hands-on learning opportunities that transition theory into practice while addressing emerging public health issues. A broad and diverse repertoire of community service, emergency response, model and analytics development, systems thinking, and outcome analysis is offered to the public health community.  These opportunities will augment the students’ academic training to develop our emerging public health leaders to be adaptable and capable of guiding programs that improve health for entire populations.

For more information about the Strike Force contact ui-strikeforce@uiowa.edu, Bonnie Rubin (Faculty Sponsor) at bonnie-rubin@uiowa.edu, Tricia Kitzmann (Program coordinator) at tricia-kitzman@uiowa.edu.

University of Iowa College of Public Health Strike Force

Does your organization need student help?

The Strike Force consistently explores avenues for fresh collaborations with diverse public health and preparedness related organizations. If your organization needs assistance in emergency events or other projects your organization does not have capacity to complete, consider filling out the application for us to help. We will match you with an interested student or group of students, depending on the project.

To request assistance, fill out the request form below:

Workforce development student assistance request

Thank you for your interest in in partnering with the University Of Iowa College of Public Health Workforce Development Project. Please complete the form below to request Strike Force assistance, internship or practicum students for any program or project related to public health. Please submit only one project per submission.

Once the request is submitted, a representative from the University of Iowa College of Public Health will contact you within three business days of your request to discuss next steps or gather more information if necessary. Emergent requests will be met more quickly.

Questions? Email us at ui-workforce@uiowa.edu.

Workforce Development Project Application
Level of Student Expertise Expected
What type of need for student assistance do you require?
What type of workplace environment do you require?
Is this position paid or unpaid?
NOTE: Projects are not required to include compensation. Student accepting unpaid roles might be eligible for support through University of Iowa resources.