CPH Strike Force

The University of Iowa Public Health Strike Force is to provide support to health organizations and non-profit organizations by deploying public health students to assist with diverse public health related projects. 

Using surge capacity, service learning and Just-in-Time models, students will be deployed for hands-on learning opportunities that transition theory into practice while addressing emerging public health issues. A broad and diverse repertoire of community service, emergency response, model and analytics development, systems thinking, and outcome analysis is offered to the public health community.  These opportunities will augment the students’ academic training to develop our emerging public health leaders to be adaptable and capable of guiding programs that improve health for entire populations.

For more information about the Strike Force contact ui-strikeforce@uiowa.edu, Bonnie Rubin (Faculty Sponsor) at bonnie-rubin@uiowa.edu, Tricia Kitzmann (Program coordinator) at tricia-kitzman@uiowa.edu.

University of Iowa College of Public Health Strike Force

Who We Are

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An interdisciplinary team of students and faculty committed to supporting the needs of local public health departments in response to emergencies within the community.

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Strike Force participates in collaborative projects and events with community members, practitioners, researchers, students and educators to aid in creating a healthier world and help people live healthier, longer, and more productive lives.

Quotes from Students

“This experience gave insight to the realm of environmental health and how connected it is to public health. Our conversation with Katie was very informational for future job requirements in local public health departments.”

“I was able to learn more about public health and the ways that public health and environmental science work together.”

“This field trip gave a broader perspective of Public health in an actual and Practical manner. Interacting with a county public health, taking samples and their analysis enhanced the understanding of public health.”

Want to Join?

Membership is currently open only to University of Iowa College of Public Health students. Full membership and good academic standing is required to participate in activities.

Quotes from Host Sites

“Yes, each time you have an opportunity to share your work, it challenges you to succinctly describe it and opens the door for discussion. It was wonderful to zoom out from pandemic response to look at my role and our organization from a more holistic public health viewpoint.”

“I enjoyed hearing why each of the students and administrators were interested in pursuing/incorporating public health into their academic and professional careers. That was energizing. I appreciated their engagement throughout the visit.”

“Building partnerships with faculty and staff was extremely beneficial. Our staff and interns gained new insights on the work of public health professionals.”

“We are working to build partnerships with the UI Public Health programs and this experience definitely enhanced that objective.”

Past and Current Projects

Public Health Podcast