Supporting Mental Health + Wellness


This initiative, funded by the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, strives to support the mental health and wellness of the public health workforce with a foundational goal of developing a supportive public health system where organizational cultures of health and wellness are the standard through a combination of individual and interpersonal wellness strategies, strengthened public health leadership, policy, and advocacy.

Strategic Action

We have trainings designed for the general public health workforce as well as public health leadership and mental health and wellness leaders in the workplace.

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Mental Health + Wellness Series

A series focused on individual and interpersonal skill-building and awareness. Topics include (but are not limited to) recharging and coping strategies, self-care, boundaries, and normalizing conversations about mental health and trauma.

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Learning in Practice: Mental Health + Wellness Leadership Cohort

A continuously engaged leadership cohort of practice focused on development and application of strategies to promote an organizational culture of health and wellness.

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